The Beginning….

Happy Friday!

This is my first post…today October 15th…TGIF!  October seems like a crazy time for birthdays!  even my birthday is tomorrow.  I really like to craft my own cards for my friends and family! Right now I am working on a Autumn like birthday card that I will be uploading photos on, but I feel like lately I am on a little bit of an artists’ block.  I need some new card ideas, new craft ideas.  My cards are mostly made out of cardstock…lots of layers is the key to a great looking card in my opinion!  I will be posting my finished card soon.  This Autumn like card I am working on is for my Dad’s Wife’s bday, Lois, and I found this great leaf stamp for a $1 at the craft store! I stamped it with black ink, but it seem LAME! so I went over it with a thin black permenant marker, then put a sheen of gold sparkles over it.  The rest will follow tonight… decisions decisions… What other media could make a card pop?


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