Hay Man!

A great way to celebrate Fall and spice up your porch is to make a Straw Man! I found some of my fiance’s old work pants that are all beat up, ripped, painted on, and I knew they would be great.  Also, a great plaid shirt is what a hay man needs too!  I bought some straw from the farmers that live near my house and went to work.  I tied of the ends of the pants and sleeves with twine to make sure it retains that rustic look.  I then stuffed him like a freaking turkey! Be careful with the straw though…I found straw cuts all over my arms when I was done, so a long sleeve shirt to work in is preferable!  For the head I just twined up some straw, took a branch, stuck it through his head and in his body so it would stay.  Voila…Hay man…Straw man…whatever you want to call him, just don’t forget about him.  I was leaving for work the next morning and when I walked outside, my heart jumped into my throat.  I thought a man was sitting on my porch…well…the hay man got me!


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