Boo! Plant Deco

Want something cute to stick in your potted mums…or house plants for Halloween?!  Every craft store, even Walmart, carries some sort of self drying clay and wooded dowels or rods.  You can easily mold any shape from the clay and stick the wooden dowel in it.  Lean it up on something and let it dry for a few days.  Then, you can decorate how you wish.  I chose a semi-gloss house paint.  I usually hit up Lowes Clearance Paints.  They always offer strange colors in small or large cans for about $2- $5!  I used an orange base color and dipped in my clay creations.  I let them dry.  Then I went ahead and painted on a few more swirls and dots and colors with other paints.  Acrylics always work nice because they are vibrant, thick and last long.  If you put your clay stick figures in plants outside, be sure to spray them down with a clear protective coat.  This is spray that you can find at any craft store in the spray paint isle.  This project can be great for children although it does take time to dry, and it is also nice to add small touches to your house!


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