You can never have too many shoes…

Making cards personalized really creates a card special!  My step-sister Becky’s birthday was coming up and I will tell you now, this girl LOVES shoes!  What better concept for a birthday card than shoes!  I really wanted to create something fun, cute and pink!  What I did was base the whole card off a picture of a shoe I drew.  I then glued it onto another paper and another to have that great layering effect.  I went with a color scheme of White, Black, and Pink.  On the inside I drew a ton of shoes on the one side to make them look like they are falling all over the card.  The main part of the inside where I wrote happy birthday, I just kept it plain and simple. “We hope you have a kick ass birthday!” Goes with the shoe theme well 🙂  Haha.  Of course I added a ribbon to tie it all together…literally.  I bowed it in the front.  I really love this card.  It is so chic and goes for any girl with a love of shoes.


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