Walk like an Egyptian

Egyptian FrontA detailed card can really grab the attention of everyone.  The “Walk like an Egyptian” card is one of my favorites!  I made this for my mom’s birthday one year.  It started out so plain jane.  I drew my Egyptian on a plain piece of paper and began to sketch and color the rest from there.  Egyptian Inside

I kept the theme going on the inside by incorporating the Egyptian Hieroglyphics into the Happy Birthday message.  Using familiar Egyptian Symbols, like the Anhk and Eye of Horus, helped add more Egyptian flair. I even added the pyramid, the most noticible symbol of Egypt in the upper right hand corner with my mom’s age.  This really tied the card all together.  Finally, a gold ink pen finished the job by adding gold accents to the front and inside of the card.  Since Egypt was so abundant with gold, I thought this was only appropriate. 

Have a Happy Halloween!


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