Purse Obsession!

There comes a time in our lives that purses become the object of our affection…(well female lives anyway).  The card I am posting today is a birthday card for my friend Megan. 

Megan had recently purchased a new Michael Kors gold shimmery purse.  She loved it! …but when she noticed that their gold shimmer had seemed to have worn off of the bag from rubbing on other surfaces, she was fuming mad.  She went to multiple Michael Kors stores, demanding an explanation for the poor quality of the purse color.  They responded that she could take her issues with the purse and the purse itself to their corporate headquarters… This just wasn’t an option, once you get attached to a purse (for a few months) you don’t feel like changing it at that time, and sending it away to the Michael Kors headquarters was just a pain in the butt. 

Since Megan would have to go to great lengths over this whole “purse situation”, I thought it only appropriate to create her birthday card around the infamous Michael Kors shimmer fading purse 🙂  She loved the card…plus the shimmer on the purse didn’t rub off.


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