If you love Pina Coladas

If you love Pina Coladas then you’ll love this card!

My Soon-to-be Mother-in-Law’s birthday created the perfect opportunity to craft a great beach card.  I first drew a cocunut cup with an straw and umbrella.  I wanted to make this stand out so on the main card, I cut a circle out of the middle, cut a circle of clear paper and put the coconut cup in the middle, and adhered it to the card to give the illusion that it was floating.  I continued by sketching out beachy items on the front of the card around the floating pineapple. 

In the inside, I continued my beachy sketches on the one side.  I love the look of waves, so I drew one, colored it, cut it out, and added it to the area where I usually write Happy Birthday.  I added a surf board to tie it all together.  The fact that when the card was closed and you could see the wave behind the coconut cup was so cool!

A few days later, my Soon-to-be Mother in-law came to visit, and I was sure to set it next to her bed for a great arrival.


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