When it comes to cards for guys, it is tough to conceive an idea.  When the motor gets working in my brain about making a card for someone it all comes down to what they like, especially for a guy.  The light bulb came on in my head glowing Beer!  What guy doesn’t like a nice ice cold beer?  There always seems to be a reason for a beer, “I like to have a beer when I get home from a long day at work”, “You can’t throw horse shoes with out beer”, “It’s after 12 so it must be time for a beer”, and “Well, so and so is coming over therefore we need to have beer on hand”. 

In commemoration of a man’s liquid gold love, I created a few great beer birthday cards.  I focused on a simple pint of beer for each cover.  Two of the cards, I focused on a black and yellow color scheme.  At first, it made me think of bees, but it eventually came together.  I also mixed up the media a bit.  The card with “Beer Monster”, I created the beer monster background on the computer and printed it on photo paper to give it a glossy sheen.  I then made the pint on top of it.  The round beer card, I used a tissue paper for the froth of the pint by crumbling up the tissue paper and mushing it with glue. 

My favorite of the beer cards so far is the multi-colored card with the handled beer mug on front.  I really loved constructing this card.  I used different papers and layered the front cover, then drew the handled mug and colored it.  For the froth, I used off white felt.  I wanted to give the froth additional depth, so I then took white out, instead of paint, and outlined the felt froth a bit.  This card came together great!

There’s nothing better than putting together a card that someone will enjoy!


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