Terrible Two’s

Last year my Niece Sophia turned 2.  For her birthday, I created a very simple and cute little card for her.  Even though Sophia is far from simple, she is actually very complex, I thought this card idea was so stinkin adorable, I just had to make it.  I based the whole idea around a lady bug that I drew on a plain, round, white piece of paper.  I then created the petals with a circle cut out of the middle and colored them with a shimmery pink pen.  Always sticking to my great layer technique, I created a pink square card and layered white and green on top.  I then glued the lady bug circle and petals to the card with some cardboard underneath to create a 3-d effect.  I then wrote “Happy Birthday Little Lady”, basically referring to the lady bug.  Using a see-through vellum type paper, I added one single leaf to the flower. 

On the inside, I simply drew a few lady bugs and glued punched shapes onto the inside of the card.  I just loved the simplicity of this card, and how cute it looked, and I think Sophia did too! Even though she was two 🙂

For her party, I quick whipped up some cupcakes and decorated the top with frosting and gel colors.  Using a toothpick, I made verticle slashes in them to give them a fun effect.  They were yummy.


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