You’re Invited!

This past September my friend’s Dave and Jamie tied the knot on 9-10-10!  I was honored to be one of Jamie’s Bridesmaid’s!  With that honor comes certain responsibilties…wait on the bride hand and foot.  One thing we had to make sure we did for the bride was to have a fabulous bridal shower.  So of course I volunteered to make the invitations! 

If Jamie, the bride, had to be described with a color, it would be hot pink! So hot pink, black, silver and fabulousness was our theme for the bridal shower.  I quick got to card making because I had fifty of these suckers to make! 

I was cutting, stamping, glueing, applying Snoopy Bandaides to my hands where paper had sliced my fingers.  Ugh that burns! Finally after a few weeks, the invitations were ready!  I put each invitation in their envelope (that I purchased, I wasn’t making those too!) and dropped them off in a bag at the bride’s mom’s house so she could send them out! 


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