Burn baby Burn

There’s nothing like the smell of burnt wood…campfire, marshmellows…crafts!  Wood burning tools can create some really cool designs.  Below is a simple project I created on a wood plaque for you guessed it, Mr. Kleckner (my father-in-law), the King of Hot Peppers.  As I stated before, there is a long process of growing these peppers, drying the peppers and chopping the peppers until their on your food making you sweat beads!  Muy caliente!

Burning into wood is not as easy as it looks though, especially if you are a first time wood burner!  There are different tips for the wood burner and techiques of getting the certain kind of burn style you are looking for.  This is a tool that takes some time getting used to, and possibly some aloe if you are not careful.


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