Pink Daisy Darling

Being stuck in this winter blues, I find it only appropriate to brighten up the mood with a fun colorful card!  I created this next card for my friend Sarah.  She loves bright colors and having a tan! In the summer she travels to the beach every weekend to enjoy some fun in the sun with friends!  🙂  First, I found some really great patterned paper that was bright and happy! I embellished the front of the card with Birthday and a cake and backed them on stamped paper.  I used a rubber lime stamp and some lime green ink.  I layered it on some hot pink paper.  Inside, I used a fun toadstool paper and added some more birthday embellishments.  These colors and designs remind me of Lily Pulitzer (  There is a Lily store in Red Bank, NJ by my Aunt’s house that I just love to go in.  It’s bright, cheerful and makes you want a margarita….on the rocks with salt!  Talk about a cure to the winter blues.  Now if I could only take a vacation to the Caribbean. 





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