Is flu season over yet?

I work in a large office building.  Every year we seemed to get plagued by germs.  They crash in like a tsunami covering door handles, desktops, water coolers…  Even though we have the great priveledge of having a group come and give us our flu shots onsite, sickness swarms the building.  Of course it doesn’t help that before the shot, everyone fills out papers and uses the same pens, hence passing whatever funky germs are on them.  I created 2 Get Well cards below for all the people stuck on their couch with a blanket and chicken noodle soup.  Get Well!  Word to the Wise, Lysol is your friend, use it!  Antibacterial hand sanitizer will save your life!  So the next time you see somebody picking their nose or sneezing in their hands, be sure not to touch the next thing they touch 🙂


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