Keep Out of Reach of Children

Keep Out of Reach of Children – whether they be human or canine! 

I really love Martha Stewart’s Craft Punches.  I had just bought the Wedding Cake Punch.  So cute with the little tier cake and dots all around the edge!

I had some errands to run, and I didn’t think anything of it when I left the new punch sitting on the dining room table.  Upon my return I was greeted with wet kissies, jumping and waggy tails.  I put down my bags and noticed the punch was MIA!  It doesn’t have legs, it can’t just get up and walk away… Then…I saw a flash of mangled white plastic under the table.  AH!  My poor craft punch! 

The bottom handle is gone, nowhere to be found.  I am assuming in the yard out back. YUCK.  The top is mangled a bit.  Looks like it has been in a shark attack!

My middle child, Duece, sunk his pearly whites into my new punch.  I now keep all my craft punches in a large secure box that has not been tampered with…yet!  I am still able to use my wedding cake punch.  There’s a technique to it though since it is missing the handles. LOL


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