Dress to Impress

Tis the wedding season!  My latest and greatest card is one for my friend Candy for her surprise bridal shower last Sunday.  She was completely caught off guard and surprised by the shower.  I actually heard her say that she “was glad that she had wore a bra that day”.  Hilarious.  I began to make her card based around the dress I created on the front page.  The present I bought for Candy came in the mail, it had a delicate foam wrap around it to keep the wood protected.  Light Bulb!  I used the foam wrap to make the bottom part of the dress.  Then, I cut a heart from white card stock, glued it onto the foam wrap, wrapped ribbon around the middle and popped on a rhinestone.  The card completely came together from there.  I also added Candy and her future husband Tristan’s initials on the bottom – T & C.  Gorgeous!  Later another friend said it reminded them of Tiffany & Co…That hadn’t even crossed my mind.  Anyways, the card was a success! and one of my favorites!


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