I should have ordered magnets…


With my wedding coming up in September I really needed to get the Save the Dates out, and I have been procrastinating for months… Did you know that March is the national month of procrastination?  Finally (after March), I buckeled down and got them done, but really I should have just ordered magnets.  Sureeee, everyone can stick them on their fridge, but that’s not what I was going for.  Difficult, time consuming, pain in the ass, now that’s more my style. 

First things first, cut out the main part and try not to slice fingers…  First thought bubble, “I need 100 of these things?!”  Punch each corner with the elegant corner punch.  Second thought bubble, “Elegant my ass“.   Ugh, then cut out the cute little save the date rhyme, cut their corners with the elegant corner punch and paste it on to the background.  Please note: I should have put another layer in between these 2 items.  Third thought bubble, “There is no way I am re-doing these things”.  Don’t forget the darling little flower accents.  Punch out ten million flowers then punch self in face.  Glue flowers to eyes… I mean paper!  Add ribbon, you’ve got yourself a monster.  We don’t want any spoofs on the back, cover the ribbon ends with another piece of paper on the back on the save the date.  What number thought bubble am I at?  Oh yea, not thinking by this point.   Last but not least, address envelopes, put stamps on them and flower accents.   Final step, MAIL … Final thought bubble, “OMG I have to make all the invitations”.  After all that, someone has the nerve to say, most people will just throw these things out!  WHAT! I was like the hulk when I heard that!


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