Peace Lily

The peace lily is a very popular houseplant. It may be called the closet plant because it needs little light, and in fact does best in low light areas of your home. The peace lily blooms every couple of months when it is healthy, producing white flowers.  A peace lily is a common gift to people at funerals and memorials, but I typically see them in cubes around the office I work in or at my Grandparent’s house.  Below is a reminder sign I made to remember to water my friend’s peace lily!

Environmentalists have celebrated the peace lily for its ability to clean the air, removing chemicals like formaldehyde and carbon monoxide from the air.  But don’t eat the Peace Lily, it is toxic!  A small amount of leaves chewed by a dog or cat is even more dangerous and potentially lethal.

Below is a card I made for my Grandmother’s birthday.  She loves flowers and I noticed that she had a huge peace lily by her back patio door.  I bent the white flowers off the paper to give them a 3-d effect!


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