M is for MOM

Happy Mother’s Day!  Today is the celebration of Mother’s Day in the United States.  Not every country celebrates Mother’s Day on the same day, but it is typically in either March, April or May.  Since it was such a gorgeous day today, my Mom came over and we took my 3 boys on a walk (Boo, Doo and Moo).  They had a blast!  We found tennis balls for them to play with, Duece pooped halfway through the walk (FYI – we clean up after our dogs), and we got ice cream from this new Pep’s Ice Cream Stand where I live.  Pep’s has got some of that really good Hershey’s Ice Cream.  I got the Mint Moose Tracks…how appropriate since I have a dog named Moose.  The Mother’s Day card below for my mom is one of my favorites!  My Mom is the Queen of baking.  There’s always some double dark chocolate chip cookies or coconut chocolate bars coming out of the freezer.  The mixer, could be a Kitchen Aid, was perfect for the front!  The paper is a Mat Stack called Nana’s Kitchen. How ironic, since my Mom is a Nana and all.  I slapped that bad boy together in the knick of time and put it in an envelope!


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