Sunflower Power

I crafted a quick little sunflower card for my friend Susan for her birthday.  Happy Birthday!

And apparently sunflowers are a very popular flower!  Below are a few fun facts:

The scientific name of sunflowers is Helianthus, Helia for sun and Anthus for flower.
Sunflowers attract birds to your yard. But who really wants them pooping everywhere?
Sunflowers are one of the fastest growing plants. They can grow 8 to 12 feet tall in rich soil within six months.
It requires only 90 to 100 days from planting to maturity.
The sunflower is the state flower of the US state of Kansas, and one of the city flowers of Kitakyūshū, Japan.
They are the subject of Van Gogh’s most famous still life, Sunflowers
The sunflower is the national flower of Peru, Russia, and Ukraine.


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