Gone Fishin’

There is something about the Spring and Summer that make men (and women) want to fish!  I am not widowed like deer season, but I do end up with my fair share of alone time due to fishing adventures.  Last year, my fiance bought a boat.  The purchase process was more tedious than buying a house.  Finally, there it was, sitting in my driveway…  A 21 foot red and white Fish and Ski Skeeter.  I was initially not thrilled, but I was surprised to find that I could enjoy the boat just as much.  See, I am not a fisherman (-woman).  It must be something about piercing the poor earth worms through the belly. UGH squirmy little things.  I found great joy in the fact that we could tube off the boat, tan, swim and dock anywhere on a lake and jump off cliffs.  Unfortunately, we only have a few months until the water is cold again, but it’s worth it. 

Currently, my youngest four legged child, Moose, has been a member of my fiance’s fishing excursions.  They go to the Lehigh River (in Eastern PA), and have been catching some “big ones”.  I am not sure what constitutes a “big one”, but they seem to have a great time telling the stories!  I’ll have to get some pictures, but for now, Gone Fishin’.


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