EOstyles Birthday

Today is my brother’s 34th birthday.  I call him EO, but most know him as Eric.  Since we work in the same office, I was able to bring EO’s card and gift to him.  I really should have gotten pink birthday princess balloons and tied them to his office door and strung streamers all around, but that probably would have gotten me a punch in the arm.  He should have taken the day off and gone golfing, but since there is a heat advisory of 105 degrees today, he might be counting the wrong strokes….heat stroke.

Of course he loved his card.  EO commented, “fancy and very heavy”.  I tend to layer… a lot.  Then he opened his gift, a t-shirt.  Now, it may just be a t-shirt, but it’s what it says that counts, “This is what AWESOME looks like.”  Needless to say, he really liked it.


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