You Are Cordially Invited

After long grueling hours of piecing together over a hundred invitations, I should have just ordered them.  Of course because they are for my own event I feel that they are not up to snuff.  New ideas of invites that I could have made kept creeping into my mind.  There was no turning back now, they were already over a month late, and I had to get them out.  My initial plan was to have the invites for my wedding out in the beginning of June.  Apparently June is the shortest month ever because they went out in the beginning of July.  No one said this would be easy.  It’s not like I could just have a town crier announce the wedding aloud like this was the 14th century or something.  

Traditionally invitations were very elaborate.  They were addressed to each person individually by a hired calligrapher, and typically were closed with a wax seal of the family’s crest.  Once the creation of the metal plate for engraving was produced, this became just as popular as hand written invitations.    


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