An Artist’s Birthday

In the beginning of August, my Grandma celebrated her birthday.  I am not saying any numbers here.  I don’t know if you ever googled your grandparents, but my Grandma, Priscilla Taylor Rosenberger, is an accomplished artist.  As the search results came up, I thought holy smokes, this is great for someone who rarely uses the computer!  Ideally, I think she should have her own website… (hint hint EO).  My brother creates websites, so if he reads this…you should create Grandma a website! 

My Grandma has a studio at the Banana Factory in Bethlehem, PA.  It’s a great place for people to engage in artistic activities and be a part of something.  They offer camps, classes for young and old, exhibits and a variety of other things.  They even have a facebook page:)  Follow this link and “like” them:

My Grandma uses a variety of media’s from watercolor, pastel, oil, casein, to gouache. You can even see some of her works here: 

Since I can remember, she has always done was she loves.  Happy Birthday!


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