Little Pumpkin Girl

Can you believe that this Thursday is the first of September.  Ugh Fall is my favorite season.  Labor Day Weekend is practically the last Summer hoorah in my mind.  After, its Fall decorating time!  In celebration of the upcoming Fall Season, a pumpkin girl watercolor.  Honing in on my practically non-existent watercolor skills, I sketched up this little girl and a pumpkin.  I would have liked to get the likeness of my niece, Sophia, but this wasn’t the time to get picky with portraits.  Watercolor is something that takes a long time to master.  One day when life is not as busy, I would like to have the time to develop this skill.    I will have to get some pointers from my Grandmother, the expertise in all that is watercolor. 

Theres nothing like big orange pumpkin that puts me in the Fall mood! Where’s a pumpkin spiced latte when you need one?!


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