Donate to Animal Shelters

Since the weeks leading up to 9-10-11 have been completely insane because of my wedding, I haven’t been able to write a post!  We just returned from our honey moon in Costa Rica.  It was absolutely beautiful.  The country and people were amazing.  There was only one thing that I really found disturbing though.  It was the fact that there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of dogs (mainly un-neutered) roaming around the streets.  They have no owners, no shots, no tags and no home.  We in the USA are very blessed to have animal shelters that house and care for dogs, cats and alike.  Since my husband and I love dogs so much, for part of our wedding favor we donated to the SPCA of Bucks County.  By the way, it feels really weird to call Mike my husband.  Whoa!  Okay, back to the donation.  We donated in loving memory of our dear friend Daniel Serfass.  He loved dogs just as much as us!  Below are the favor cards we made for our wedding!  NOW DONATE!

Featured in today’s photos is Kim Trusty, my lovely sister-in-law who helped me make a crazy amount of these little favors tags!


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