29 Turkeys

There are so many people I know with October birthdays.  The first birthday we celebrate is always Mike’s, my husband.  This is the first year that we are celebrating our birthdays as man and wife.  I would say the only thing that is different is the fact that I can now make cards that say “To my husband” on them.  For anyone who knows Mike, knows that he is the ultimate hunter.  If he could hunt or fish every day for the rest of his life, he would.  Hence the turkey card below!


One pet peeve that Mike has about his birthday this year is the fact that he turned 29!  One year left until he is 30 years old.  Why do people fear 30 so much?  I guess once I get there, I will know.  So to help Mike absorb the fact that he is 29, I made a cake in his age’s honor!  Happy Birthday Babe!


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