Birthday Mash

Last year around this time I was sitting on the couch with my then fiance and 3 doggies trying to conjure up a name for this blog.  Mike, being the expert word maker-upper, thought of Boodoomoo… I have to admit, at first I wasn’t thrilled.  After a few minutes of contemplating, it hit me!  Noone else has anything named that!  It was the perfect name because it was unique and the 3 nick names of my doggies all rolled up into one.  Once I had the name I was off to the races with my first post!

I began Boodoomoo with a birthday card for my Dad’s wife, Lois!  So for the 1 year anniversary of my blog, I will celebrate it with her birthday card from this year.  Since I am feeling so bewitched by the Fall season, I themed Lois’s card with Black White and Orange.  This year’s Halloween Matte Stacks are great.  I love when they had glitter to the pages, and my favorite was this orange and white diamond pattern where the orange was fine glitter.  I added Martha Stewart Ribbon and embellished with a few rhinestones.  It’s just screaming super cool,super Fall birthday!

We did the MASH, we did the BIRTHDAY MASH, the BIRTHDAY MASH….


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