Halloween Hangover

I hope everyone had a Spppoookkkyyyy Halloween!  Last night we were haunted by herds of trick-or-treaters rioting for candy.  Our goal was one piece per Halloweener.  It was going well with a stray extra piece here or there.  Sometimes there were a few little boys who thought they could get away with a giant grasp of candy….not at my front door!  Even my nephew, who is 5 years old, was saying, “Only one piece!”.  My nephew assisted me in the madness after he hit a few houses up for candy.  I think he had more fun giving out the candy then getting it.

I can’t figure out what is with the kids these days that don’t dress up!  How is it acceptable to go tricker treating wearing the same clothing you went to school in?  At least paint your face kid!  One of the most creative costumes I saw was one child dressed as a Street Light.  I should have taken a picture.  The little boy was in a card board box painted yellow with those round lights attached to the front.  They were covered with a sheer colored fabric, Green, Yellow and Red, and they were lit up!  Of course you can just tap them to turn them off.  What a genius idea!

For anyone with a birthday on Halloween, I envy you!  How amazing would it be for a birthday Halloween party.  My husband’s Grandmother is one of the fortunate souls whose birthday falls on the day before all hallow’s eve.  Below is the card I conjured up and snail mailed it to her.


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