Floor Makeover

You don’t realize how a floor can transform a room.  In our 100-year-old house, we have a mud room in the back.  It is a concrete floor with linoleum slapped on it.  It really needs a makeover!  After a few grueling hours of scraping off the linoleum, just the concrete and black dried glue remained.  The floor itself seemed pretty level.  After a quick trip to Lowes, for the fiftieth time, I was ready to tile.

I chose a ceramic tile called Balantina Brown.  Trowel in hand, thin set ready and tile spacers in place, I got to work.  Luckily I have a wet saw set up in the basement which made it easy for the cuts I needed.  The transformation was quick. It wasn’t even grouted and it looked like a different room.  I read that you should wait a full 12 hours before grouting.  4 hours went by… I grouted half the room.  Ay y y! 

Finally the grouting was complete.  They call the grout remnants on tile haze.  After wiping down the tile a few times the stinking haze was still there a bit.  I busted out my trusty Swifter Wet Jet and cleaned that puppy one more time.  Viola!  I kicked that haze’s butt. 

I took a moment to stand back and admire my work, and what a difference.  The anticipation was building.  I couldn’t wait for my husband to get home and see what I did.  When he walked in the door of the mud room, I quickly scolded him for wearing dirty boots, which he proceeded to tell me that it’s a “mud room”.  He looked the floor over and said he loved it.  Even though the room is not completely done because we need to add trim around the floor and such, it’s still such an amazing different from what it had looked like before. 


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