I heart TMB

TMB – Tomato, Mozzarella, Basil

Every Summer we grow our own Basil and Tomatos, and pair it with it’s favorite friend, Fresh Mozzarella.  Since I have been longing for Summer in the blistery cold North East, I made TMB appetizers.  I used cherry tomatoes, a fresh basil plant from the store and medium size fresh mozzarella balls.

Cut cherry tomatos in half (wash them first)

Cut Mozzarella balls in half

Pick basil leaves (wash them first)

With a tooth pick, stab a half of a tomato, then wrap a mozz piece in basil and stab that, then add the other half of the tomato.  It’s like sandwiching the mozz and basil.

Once you have skewered all the toothpicks with the TMB, you need to make a light dressing to drizzle over it.  I usually use Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegarette, garlic power, fresh ground black pepper and a little sea salt.  I don’t use a measuring cup, just play it by ear until you think the mix looks good.  I whisk it up and drizzle a small amount on each TMB spear.

YUM! A refreshing bite of spectacular goodness!


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