Love Card Swap

Finally, I have inspired the Hubby to create something!  Little did I know while I was at work yesterday, Mike was at home crafting a Valentine’s Day Card.  When I walked in the door, being greeted by 3 waggy tails, I noticed little heart notes all over.  Dinner was already started and the table was set, with a colorful card leaning on my flower vase.  We quickly swapped cards, then sat down to enjoy a nice home cooked meal by ourselves, not in some crowded restaurant somewhere being hurried along before the next table comes in.  Well, there were 3 guests sitting on the floor by the table making sure nothing fell off the table.

Wonderful Card from the Hubby

Mike said, “Doing crafts is so calming”.  Quote of the year!  He quickly pointed out each part of the card and how he applied the different media.  It was apparant that a lot of thought went into this.

Being the ultimate hunter, I knew Mike would love his card.


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