Blooming Bulbs

I can’t believe it is only March 16th, and I have already seen daffodils in full bloom!  Spring time flowers are gorgeous in Southeastern Pennsylvania, especially when it’s been cold, gray and dreary the past 3 months.  If you want these fabulous arrays of color in your garden for the Spring time, Fall bulb planting  is a must.  When planting bulbs, be sure the temperature at night is around 40-50 degrees, and try to plant approximately six weeks before the ground freezes to allow sufficient time for rooting.  Bulbs will root best in cool soil and once rooted undergo natural changes that keep them from freezing.  You can plant them in bunches with a spade to dig the holes.  Bulb size is crucial.  Large bulbs need to be about 8-12 inches deep while smaller bulbs can be 4-6 inches deep.  Water your bulbs after planting to help them start the rooting process.  Once the ground freezes, cover your bulb beds with about 2-4 inches of mulch.

Now that you did all that work to plant the bulbs, they need an anti-theft system from the squirrels.  Unfortunately squirrels find tulips and crocuses delicious, but they snub daffodils.  By planting the bulbs deeply in the soil, patting the soil down well, and tossing a few leaves on top, it helps discourage squirrels from getting their greedy little paws on them.  For diehard squirrel thefts, you can put chicken wire around the planted area, shoot them with a bee bee gun or have your dog chase them (& sometimes catching them accidently).


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