Porch Wreath

I finally made it to Joann Fabrics and Crafts to get some of the mossy ribbon to decorate a wreath for my front porch.  Since the moss ribbon was not long enough to wrap around the entire wreath, I cut it down the middle to have 2 strips.   Then I twisted it around the twig wreath like a candy cane.  I added 3 faux flowers to the right hand corner and attached them with brown wire.  The moss ribbon is sort of like a long thin brillo pad with green hairs covering it, so be sure to handle this stuff in your basement, outside or someplace that you won’t mind getting dirty.  The green mossy hair will make a mess.  Use brown wrapped wire to made a hook in on the back of the wreath and hang it where desired!  I do not think the mossy ribbon is water proof, so make sure it is protected from the elements.


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