Splash it

Adding a backsplash in your bathroom is easy.  All you need is tile adhesive, tile, grout, a trowel, spacers, a sponge and patience.  Depending on your dimensions you may need tile snippers or a wet saw.  A wet saw is surprisingly easy to use and not as dangerous as you think.  I still have all ten fingers.  Once you smear the tile adhesive on the wall with the trowel and adhere the tile then set your spaces in between, the waiting game begins.  I waited at least 24 hours before I grouted the tile especially since bathrooms tend to be high humidity, moist areas and it takes a longer time for things to dry in there.  About 15 minutes after grouting, I took a damp sponge and wiped off the tile to reveal a clean surface.  Once the job was done, I felt a great accomplishment until I looked at my vanity, which is going to need to be updated to a bigger and better one to match the tile backsplash.  Home Renovation never ends!


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