Dole Shakers

This morning I picked up a Dole Shaker.  I don’t know if it’s the people shaking the crap out of this thing on Dole’s commercials that made me want to buy it or the fact that I just really liked smoothies, whatever the reason I felt inclined to share my review of the Banana Strawberry Shaker.  To start off, I didn’t realize, or maybe the commercial didn’t emphasize enough that you would need to make sure you bought juice (your preference, I chose orange juice) in conjunction with the Shaker.  So I grabbed an 8 ounce Tropicana (with Calcium and pulp).  When I popped the top of the can, it looked like that frozen dot ice cream.  Okay.  I read the instructions, add 6.5 oz of juice, or to the fill line.  So I added all 8 ounces because I clearly follow instructions very well.  Then I closed the lid really tight and shook it.  I shook it like a shake weight.  I didn’t really dance like the Dole commercial, but I made a mental note to play music next time which might inspire some theatrical shaking.  I unscrewed the top and took a whiff, smells good (first good sign).  Took a swig, yum!  Snaps for Dole.  Looks like I’ll be shaking it up some more soon.


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