Bye Bye Birdie

A few month’s ago I discovered a stock pile of dry, grassy, straw-like material on my porch, then I looked up and noticed a little nest atop the front right pillar.  Finally I caught a glimpse of the constructor one day, it was a big bright Robin.  So I hopped up on the ledge when she wasn’t there to get a peek into the nest.  There sat 6 little blue eggs.  Cute!  The Mommy Robin had been sitting on her eggs for a few weeks now, when I noticed one cracked on the ground.  Apparently when Robin’s eggs don’t get warm from the Mommy Robin sitting on them, that means they are no good for the baby bird growing.  Once the incubation period was over, the little baby Robins hatched.  You could barely see their light grey feathers sticking out the top of the nest.  The Mommy Robin was super busy bringing in worms for them.  She hated when we sat on the chairs by the nest.  She tweeted at us from the power lines until we went inside.  The baby Robins were growing rapidly.  One day not too long ago I was on the phone with my husband when he said, “Oh you should see the baby Robins they are about to fall out of the nest, I am going to get a picture”.  He walked over, and in an instant, they were gone.  They flew the coop before I could even say goodbye!  As far as I know, 3 of the 5 baby Robins have survived.  Unfortunately, the other 2 met the wrath of my dogs out back.  I wonder if they will nest again under my porch atop the pillar next year?


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