Cut the Cake

When should you cut the wedding cake?  Traditionally, the ritual takes place near the end of the reception, after guests have danced-off dinner. In fact, it’s often a sign that the reception is coming to an end (typically there’s 45 minutes left of dancing after the cake has been cut). Like other reception events, cutting the cake can be a clean, choreographed moment or a giggly, goofy one, depending on your preference. Customarily, the groom puts his hand over the bride’s, and they slice through the cake’s bottom layer with a fancy knife, then they feed each other a small piece of cake.  Some smash the cake in each other’s face.  In my case, the cake went down my dress, and cake bits fell out of my dress later that night when I took it off!  After photos are taken, you two might want to serve slices to your in-laws before the rest of the cake is cut for all other guests, but who really thinks of who should be served first!


IMG_2611 IMG_2608


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