Drab to Shab – Baby Room

I love love loved making over our spare bedroom to our baby’s room. Once we found out we would be welcoming a little boy in November, I immediately began the process from drab room to super shab!

Painting – I had a fabulous green color conjured up in my mind, I just had to find it. I searched at Lowes for awhile and found a great green called Herb Cornicopia. The room required a lot of patching and sanding. The old plaster walls needed a serious face lift.


We really love the details of our old house. The molding around the windows is original and so are the very heavy solid wood doors. I picked up a glass door knob to add to the charm.


Flooring – We ripped out the dirty old carpet to expose the pine wood floors of our one hundred year old home. Unfortunately they were painted multiple times with lead base paint. Instead of sanding them down and giving ourselves cancer, we decided to go green and complete our entire upstaires with hardwood bamboo flooring. In no time at all my husband had the flooring in.



Once the major part of the painting and the flooring were complete, the rest was easy. We put together the furniture, added a chair and rug and some other little accents to complete the room and ready for baby!






3 thoughts on “Drab to Shab – Baby Room

    • Thanks! I actually found the moose at a country craft store and thought they would be perfect for the room! I am sure they would be easy to make though! The wood is really light and the fabric is felted.

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