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My name is Melissa Kleckner! previously Rosenberger.  I always thought I was very busy, but as I get older, I seem to be getting busier.  My escape is my creativity.  I love creating anything that comes to mind, or I will sketch it out on the closest piece of paper to me.  Whenever I have free time, which is not too often, I am either pulling together ideas, searching for supplies or creating art.  Thank goodness my house has an extra bedroom in it, or I don’t know where I would put my art supplies.  Certainly not the basement, when it rains there’s normally a stream that runs through it.  I am also very privileged to come from a long line of artists, you could say it is in my blood.  My grandmother, Priscilla, has been painting for what seems forever.  The art bug then stems to my aunt, Susan, brother, Eric, and I am hoping my niece Sophia 🙂 .  Although she is 3 years old, I have colored with her and she has quite the imagination. 

The supporters and sometimes sufferers of my creativeness are my now husband, Mike and our children, Brutis (8), Duece (4) and Moose (7 Months).  Mike does not suffer as much as the kids, mostly because I don’t dress him up in fabric for costumes and make him stand there until I am done sewing, even though I always give goodies in the end.

My children are as follows from oldest to youngest!  First is my baby boy Brutis, 9 years old, also known as Boo.  Boo’s favorite past time is basking in his girlfriend, aka “the sun”.  He loves warmth!  Brutis is somewhat of a snob.  If you don’t have food or you are not his mommy or daddy then you are not his friend and he will snub you.  Boo has other hobbies, like squirrel hunting, rabbit hunting and pooping in the basement. 

Our next child is Duece, 5 years old.  He is also known as Doo.  My mom, Doo’s Nana, calls him Stick because he is so lanky.  I don’t know where he got the lankyness from since Brutis is Duece’s biological father, and Brutis is short and stout.  He currently has middle child syndrome, but he is the best doggy ever!  He would never do anything naughty.  Duece is terrified of being bad.  If he thinks he is naughy, he sits and holds up one paw in surrender.  Ever since he ate a sock, that got stuck in his intestines, almost died, went through surgery and spent almost 2 weeks in the hospital, Duece is an angel.  Doo’s hobbies are running, playing ball and sleeping on the couch.   Our third and youngest child is Moose.  He was born on August 5th and is one year old.  Moose was an accident between 2 of our friend’s dogs that weren’t supposed to breed.  Also known as Moo, he is one down to earth puppy.  He is the most happy go lucky pup ever!  His hobbies include, digging, eating dirt, chasing flies and bees, snorting like a pig and playing with Boo, Doo and his other puppy friends that come over.  He wants to be the center of attention all the time!


6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. What a Pittie-full household. I love Pits they are the best dogs EVER! I have two Floyd and Bella (floydandbella.wordpress.com)


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