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Cast Art

Since Karen’s fractured hand last week, we haven’t had anymore broken bones at the office.  I don’t wish broken bones on anyone, but it would be nice to have a full leg cast to work with! 🙂 Karen’s cast art below: I also updated Jen’s boot design since the last design was starting to peel off.   Advertisements

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Das Boot

Injuries seem to be on the rise here in Horsham PA along with the rising temperatures!  At my work, Spring time injuries are running rampant.  My co-worker’s wife broke her foot and now Jen, who sits in the office next to mine, has fractured her foot as well.  She has been forced to wear a … Continue reading

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Is flu season over yet?

I work in a large office building.  Every year we seemed to get plagued by germs.  They crash in like a tsunami covering door handles, desktops, water coolers…  Even though we have the great priveledge of having a group come and give us our flu shots onsite, sickness swarms the building.  Of course it doesn’t … Continue reading

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